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This is a list of MY PAULAS mangaka ownings. Because, really, it all belongs to her. Um, it's just a result of having it all in one place at one time, and, plus, it's good to know what you actually own.
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Dog Eat Dog

Okay. so im playing at writing a wrenchers fic. tho its numbers centric and so far no actually wrenchers, and i eep adding more the start of this like holy shit what im posting now was originally like less than a thousand words.
eventually theres going to be drug use, violence and even more gratuitous violence, but for now its like a baby origin fic.
because thats what i was trying to do. reconcile wrench and numbers growing up together with the idea in my head that they'd obvs spent some time apart, i just feel there a sharp points in their personalities that sometimes cut at each other and it seems like a forced fracture in their togetherness might explain that. or maybe im just a jerk. idek anymore. (my fic writing motto) lets see if i remember how to make cuts.

also theres like. so. so much more of this. this is a never ending story as far as i can tell. as soon as i start thinking 'oh ill just finish this scene and polish up that other one' i end up adding another goddamn chapter. holy shit. someone murder me.

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burning children (SPN)

i keep hoping there is something still there inside.

i'm on a hunt for a set of notes from at least three years ago. Theyre the second half of my Jars notes and contain all the Somatei warriors' names and just. argh.
I know this because i never throw anything out. Not even the old tiny fanfic notes to myself that have been well and truly used. /hoarder of the highest order,
Anyway, the point of this post is to go ARGH WHERE NOTES? and lol found terminator(?) fanfic snippet, i think its SCC, (i guess?), but i'm fairly sure i never actually watched the end of that series, so. I. Dont. Know.
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hey lj, long time no see

Anyway, I've been faffing away my life for the past months, which is always fun - although I have to admit, I would've preferred my internet hiatus to have been for a cool reason ( or at least produced something awesome with all that freetime i have when im not spending every waking hour on the net) bit alas, I have neither written nor drawn anything of interest.
What I have done its work (alot) , spend money (alot) and get obsessed with avatar.
Holy shit.
But yes. Iroh is my bro. (followed eventually by Zuko then all the others)
But Iroh is my favourite, I wanna write odes to his awesomeness ( and ramble about his time in basingsei & ah /&hearts)
So yes. Conclusion. Thank-you my lovely Canadian bros, this may be all your fault <3
& I may now need new icons.
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(well back to the land of LJ, ive been home for quite sometime now ^_^ )
eventually i shall post photos of all my adventures, but for now, a quick update on what's happened since last time i posted:Collapse )

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/twittering like a mother fucker
Also words can not describe how happy I am that i managed to work out the Canadian. Phone code thing - international codes are wack yo